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Lose the automatic import licensing steel
Bỏ chế độ cấp phép nhập khẩu tự động thép
From 16-6, some imported steel products will not apply import licensing regime automatically.
Updated at 21/01/2016 02:55 PM
On 16-6, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular 17/2014 / TT-BCT replaces Circular 23/2012 / TT-BCT provides for the application of the regime of automatic import licensing for certain steel products .

Under Circular 17, the items include iron and steel and articles of iron or steel, namely: products of iron or non-alloy steel Flat-rolled, regardless of width, cold-rolled (cold-reduced) , not clad, plated or coated; products of iron or non-alloy steel flat rolled, not clad, plated or coated; iron or non-alloy steel, bars and rods, in irregularly wound coils, hot rolled; iron or non-alloy steel bars and rods, forged, hot rolled, hot drawn or hot extruded, but including those twisted after rolling; products of flat-rolled stainless steel ... would not apply import licensing regime automatically.

Earlier, Circular 23 regulations, the above items when imported with automatic import licenses by the MOIT to traders in the form of confirmation of registration for each consignment imported.

Automatic import license valid done within 30 days of the Ministry of Industry and Trade confirmed. In case the license is lost, misplaced or damaged, the trader may make a written explanation MOIT proposal for renewal of license, together with the application.

In addition, traders can also choose to register imported under import licensing regime automatically via Internet in the form of declaration information on file traders through the Internet under the Ministry of software systems Industry and Trade provisions and sent the trader dossier registration location for automatic import license when applying for automatic import licenses for the first time.
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