D Block, Pho Noi A Industrial Zone, Van Lam District, Hung Yen
(+84-3213) 587 686
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Activities Field - Product The main area of activity of the company is manufacturing and distribution of product steel pines, galvanized steel tube (square, circle, rectangle), hot-dip galvanized steel pines. Minh Ngoc Steel products are serving for the construction industry - civil, handicraft industries, interior decoration, electromechanical manufacturing, precision engineering and molding products stamping. Equipment - Modern Line All products of Minh Ngoc Steel has been produced by modern technological equipment, imported of technology and equipment from Europe and the largest steel corporations in the world transferring installation with the material source with top quality imported from developed countries.This is a str ... Read more
Motto of Minh Ngoc Steel:
- Stable sources
- Sharing the benefits with customers
- Always improving product quality.
Mr. Dong Tuan Vu, Chairman, CEO Minh Ngoc Production & Trading Co., Ltd